Tom Townsend

Position: Owner
Qualifications: CFL1, CFL2 Coaches Prep Course, CF Olympic Lifting, CF Movement & Mobility, CF Judges Course

I began CrossFit in early 2012.  My younger brother Dave had previously joined a box in town and he was seeing amazing gains in performance.  With his coaxing, I joined and was amazed at the intensity of the workouts.  I realized quickly into my CrossFit journey that it was something special.  I fell in love with the high intensity workouts, the competitive nature of CrossFit, and the community.  Everything about it was perfect.  I achieved my fitness goals much quicker than I thought possible and within 6 months I was in the best shape of my life (at 37 years old).  My wife joined, we met some amazing friends and a whole new community of wonderful people.  It became our new home away from home.  In the following months/years, I have received my CFL1 certification, CFL2 CPC certificate, Olympic Lifting certificate, and Movemement & Mobility certificate