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Our Kids and Teens Classes are designed to strengthen and condition young children and teenagers by combining movements similar to our adult CrossFit classes.  With Kids and Teens, there is an additional focus on elements that encourage bone density and vestibular system development, which gives them a great opportunity to maximize their physical skills during years of peak development.  Along with this, the fun environment of our age and skill level appropriate classes helps them develop a lifelong love of fitness and can help develop them into well rounded athletes. Our differently levels of Kids and Teens classes are as follows:

Teens/Junior Varsity:

This level is intended for Young Teens who have been doing CrossFit regularly and are familiar with correct movement standards.  Advancement to heavier weight and advanced movements can be achieved once they show mastery of movement specifications to their trainers.  Until they show this, they will be unloaded or lightly loaded and will continue to work on correct form.  There will be times the classes will need to be divided into these separate age groups or skill level to accommodate class sizes and the different levels of skill and experience.  This will be decided by the coaches and trainers to ensure they are getting the most out of the CrossFit experience.  These teen classes look much like an adult class and are generally 50-60 minutes in length and may consist of a Strength workout followed by a Metabolic Conditioning workout.  During the school year classes are at 4pm and during the summer classes are at 9am.  Click here for a complete schedule.


This level is intended for kids ages 6-9 or kids just beginning CrossFit.  Here we introduce kids to movement standards by incorporating fun activities throughout the class.  Class times are generally 25-30 minutes in length.  More advanced kids can generally move up to the more advanced class with weight standards appropriate for age level.  These classes will be available only on Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30-6:00.  Click here for an up to date schedule.  Classes are underway and are filling up quickly!


Our Bootcamp instructors, Georgeanna Johnson, Faith Taylor, Jessica Heimdale, and Carol Dry, have over 20 years of combined Bootcamp & Personal Training experience. CrossFit Owasso Bootcamp is a unique blend of time tested cardio movements with the increasingly popular CrossFit movements. This combination of fitness regimes will burn the calories faster than anything on the planet. Your body will respond immediately to these activities and you will feel the gains quickly. This is perfect for the individual who wants the CrossFit and extra cardio without as much of the barbell and weightlifting movements.

Georgeanna Johnson, 2014 contestant on ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss, will be leading the 5am class Monday- Friday.  She be will sharing her tips to success, and putting you through the exact workouts she did to lose the weight during Season 5 of the show. If you have been intimidated to try CrossFit, or if you are a CrossFit junkie, ready to trim some fat, this class is for you!  The Workouts will always be cardio based, WITHOUT the heavy lifting of a typical cross fit workout. In addition to the class, she will be offering one on one nutrition evaluations if you do the class.  For $30 you will receive a one on one meeting for us to take your measurements, weigh in, calculate body fat percentage, and go over an eating plan that will work for you. We’ll also do weekly weigh ins, and before and after (monthly) photos!  Find out what worked so well for her and how it can also work for you.  Please see schedule page for class times.  Classes are underway and are filling up quickly!

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Those who enjoy endurance sports and activities (running, cycling, swimming, etc.) will appreciate the many benefits of our endurance training.  Typical endurance training with a high volume has proven to give athletes problems during offseason with knee, hip, and/or ankle pain.  This is a direct result of the extensive volume of work that is typically put into off season training.  The CrossFit model fits in well here.  CrossFit will give the athletes a much better balance of Flexibility, Strength, and Endurance.  Our Endurance training focuses on longer CrossFit MetCons and blends it with interval running.  Knowing that our Endurance athletes enjoy being outdoors and doing what they love, we also add a long distance run every week at various locations!  These classes are perfect for endurance athletes wanting to overall core strength and for the athletes who just need to burn those extra calories.  Please see schedule page for class times and call 405-714-2676 for more information!


If large classes are not your thing or you would just want more undivided attention, personal training sessions will be perfect. You will get more in depth analysis of your lifts and movements, individualized workouts based on your specific needs, along with all the privacy you wish. Our trainers are dedicated to helping our athletes reach their current goals and then set new ones. Please contact us for scheduling.