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CrossFit is the largest growing sport in the world. It is by definition Constantly Varied, Functional Movements, performed at High Intensity. The results of this type of exercise and programming are astounding. CrossFit has proven to be the most efficient means to shed body fat and increase lean muscle mass. It will get your body ready for the unknown and is the chosen fitness regimen for elite law enforcement, military special forces, and fire rescue. We are committed to providing our clients with the safest and most effective CrossFit training and programming possible. At CrossFit Owasso the training is top notch, our community is amazing, and the results don’t lie. We have years of experience in personal and group training which will get you in the best shape of your life. No matter your age, sex, size, or background we believe that everyone has the ability to achieve results through CrossFit. We believe that there is an inner athlete in absolutely EVERYONE and it is our job to bring it out.



Forever Fit Camp Coming to CrossFit Owasso Sept 6th

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New “Lean & Clean” CrossFit Class Starting June 16th

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Today's WOD


Saturday 8-23

Team WOD:

Come on out to Centennial Park (1/4 mi. East of 86th & 145th) for a FUN Team Event at 9AM & 10AM!!

As a team complete the following:
100 KB Swings (200m Med Ball Run while other performs KB Swings — then switch)
100 Burpees (While other holds bottom of Squat — switch as needed)
100 Med Ball Sit Ups (throwing ball between two)
100 Goblet Squats (While other holds plank — switch as needed)
200m Partner Carry (switch as needed)

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